Local honey, Bees and Queens from Long Island, New York
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Equipment you need to get started with your nuc

Your nuc comes in a temporary cardboard box. The bees need a permanent home. If you have equipment you can use them. To help our customers who are starting new, we supply following items, which is all you need except for a veil or jacket which you can buy online. We recommend a ventilated bee jacket with hood. This provides the best protection. You can use leather gloves but we have found that Nitrile gloves are easier to work with.

Equipment: $200 for the following kit. All Assembled and painted. These kits are available in deep (9-5/8") and medium (6-5/8") sizes. You must use the size that correspond to the nuc you are buying. If you are getting a nuc in a deep box, it will only fit a deep hive body.

Two 10-frame hive bodies, deep or medium
20 assembled wood frames, deep or medium, with wax coated Rite-cell foundation installed
Telescoping cover to fit 10-frame boxes
inner cover to fit 10-frame boxes
Solid bottom board to fit 10-frame boxes

Tools $150

J-hook Hive Tool
Frame Grip
Bee Brush
Frame Perch
Box of Vinyl Gloves
Propane Torch
2 Mason Jars with perforated lids
Mason Jar Stands

To order please email or call us. It takes approximately 2 weeks to deliver.